Air-ristocrat Balloon Rides and Promotions
School Presentations
Let dozens experience a balloon ride.
Tie the balloon down and give quick rides to a crowd.
Great for family reunions, company BBQ's, or any time you need a little "pizazz"
for a group function.
Ideal for groups of 40 - 60

Rates are $1100 + gst for as long as the fuel on board lasts.
(approx 1.5 hours depending on ambient temperature and passenger weight)
Outside of Red Deer a travel fee will be added.
Events over 200 km from Red Deer must also supply rooms for pilot and ground
*** Clients are required to supply 2 half ton trucks for additional tie off points***
Perhaps we can even arrange a hands on demonstration.

Call for details.
Walk in Balloon

Balloons don't fly in the middle of the day, but you can still have one
as part of your event!
Our walk in balloon is no longer airworthy but she's a tough old bag
and loves kids.
Usually part of a full day event (morning flight, afternoon walk in,
evening tether) the walk in has higher wind limits but is still weather

$300 for up to 3 hours.