Ground Crew
Air-ristocrat Balloon Rides and Promotions
If you like getting up with the sun, working hard for 20 minutes, driving around
for an hour, working hard for another 20 minutes then drinking champagne...
(OK, sometimes there's no champagne but...)

We need to talk!

Like to meet new people? Like to make dreams come true?
Ever have someone say to you "I've wanted to do this all my life"?

As an essential part of a hot air balloon flight, flight crew are required to be
reliable, responsible, punctual, and above all... LOVE to have fun.

The hours are horrible (close to sunrise and sunset)
and the pay is worse ($40 per "crew" or you can trade 5 "crews" for a ticket)


The schedule is up to you, it's a very cool, fun thing to do, and anytime there's
extra space in the basket I take a crew person for a ride.
(I don't pay you for those ones but it's still a kickass deal)
Stick around long enough and your family/friends get to go for a flight too.