We call this "bush whackin"
Ever pick the leaves off the TOP
of the tree?
Sometimes we just float along
and enjoy the view...
Sail the skies of beautiful Central Alberta in the oldest and
safest form of aviation....

Peace, serenity, and a view that can't be beat are yours for the
asking  with flights offered daily throughout Central Alberta,
year round.

Passenger safety is the top priority of   

Our philosophy is that we would rather disappoint  you by
canceling a flight, than take a chance on marginal weather
There will always be another day to safely sail the skies.

Air-ristocrat Balloon Rides and Promotions is in the business
of balloons.  

Need a gift for that special someone who has everything? Give
the gift of flight!

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Looking to increase your corporate presence?  

Ask yourself how many people would drive across town to
look at a billboard?

Put your company name on the side of our balloon and get
high impact advertising with the lowest cost per impression of
any available media.

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Got a "Bucket List"??
Sometimes a party just shows up
As is the eventual case with all
balloons, Ol' Yeller has retired,
but my other balloon is ready to fly
Buyers beware!!
Make sure you deal with a
reputable operator.
There are balloon web sites
that sell rides and don't have a
(Yes I have one)
(Actually I have 3)
You should also make sure of
which cities you can fly over.
One web site will sell you a
ticket then tell you that the
nearest place to fly is Montana.
The latest fun balloon video or
link will be below.
It changes so don't be afraid to
check back
"Jung Yeller"
(we just call him Carl)
Red Deer's newest balloon The Black Pearl has set sail over the skies of Central